Frequently Asked Questions

What is Badavin's telephone number?

The working medium of our company is the internet. We provide support to our customers / users only by email, so we do not have a phone. We believe that by email we can provide support as effectively as by telephone, and we can reach a larger number of customers at a lower cost, so we pass this savings on the final value of our products / services.

I have already paid, but I have not received any email with the access data to the Digital Product I bought, what is happening?

Please wait for your payment to be confirmed by iPag (company that processes our payments), in 2 days you will receive the data to access your Badavin account, as well as the iPag system. If after this period you still do not receive the email with the access data, please check your spam or junk box of your webmail, because our email may be there. If you still can not find the email, please click here and let us know your name, email and the day you made the payment we will contact you as soon as possible. All payments are processed by the iPag company through this, you get the full guarantee of your purchase.

And secure the payment on the website

Security: Compliance with PCI DSS Tier 2. 2048-bit SSL Digital Certificate. Compatible with VPA - 3D Secure protocol. Integration with the best fraud control services, Clear Sale and F-Control. Sensitive information on credit or debit cards is encrypted to ensure that the information is transmitted securely between the customer, the store and the authentication system.

SSL Security Certificate: Due to the fact that the client enters with your personal data, all communication is done through the HTTPS protocol, responsible for implementing the SSL Security Certificate. In order for the customer's system to confirm the payment result, we use a signed POST. The signature is generated through a HASH code, generated through the confirmation of a password known only to the merchant and the Payment Gateway.

PCI Security Standards Council: We follow PCI Security Standards Council standards. It is a global open forum for continuous development, enhancement, storage, dissemination, and implementation of security standards for account data protection. Go to

Do I have to pay something to be a user?

Yes, the registration is subsequently confirmed payment will be enough to be user by the time indicated in your package / service.

Are you allowed to use Blogs?

Yes, blog is a site whose structure allows the quick update from additions of so-called articles, or "posts". In addition, banners can also be inserted into Orkut committees, Facebook fanpages, and email marketing. Another tip is to disclose the link of the banners on your Twitter.

Which browsers support

Google Chrome - Internet Explorer - Mozilla Firefox - Android and Safari - Opera and others

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That means?

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What is a cookie?

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Key Concepts

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